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Why Mason

A Tradition of Innovation

When the Commonwealth of Virginia put together its incentives package for Amazon’s HQ2 development, George Mason University was the logical choice to lead workforce development efforts. Our top-tier research infrastructure, diverse student body, track record of innovation, and ties to the region all stood out. They still do.

Why Diversity Matters

Big new ideas come when differing forces collide. Forces like technology and tradition. Engineering and sociology. Policy and research. These chance interactions require collaborations among and between a diversity of perspectives. The more diverse, the better. And Mason is the most diverse public university in Virginia.

Having diverse teams brings different perspectives, which ultimately means that you can come up with more creative solutions to future problems.

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A Leader in Diversity

Ranked the most diverse public university in Virginia (and 8th-most diverse in the nation) by U.S. News and World Report, Mason has always been a champion of social mobility for students of every background.

What Diversity Means

Beyond racial, gender, and ethnic demographics, diversity means the inclusion of multiple perspectives. That’s in Mason’s DNA, and a key factor in empowering cross-disciplinary collaboration.

A Tradition of Inclusion

Grounded in the mission of education as a driver for social mobility, Mason has always prided itself on inclusivity.

The numbers bear us out:

  • Total enrollment of 38,627 is the most in Virginia
  • First-generation degree earners comprise 26% of Mason undergraduates
  • 66% of students receive financial aid
  • 42% of undergraduates graduate debt-free
  • Mason’s 6-year graduation rate of 70% in 2020 is well above the national average of 52.2%
Mason students and faculty collaborate around a digitally-enabled touchscreen table

A Research Titan and Workforce Development Powerhouse

What’s the most innovative public university in Virginia? According to U.S. News and World Report, it’s Mason. We’re also #15 in the nation, with our eyes on the top spot.

A Tradition of Newness

It may seem contradictory to be an institution with a known tradition of innovation, change, and growth, but that’s what George Mason University brings to the table.

We are:

  • The fastest-growing Tier 1 research university in the country
  • The #1 Young University in the nation as ranked by 2021 Times Higher Ed rankings

Virginia’s Innovation Workforce Development Leader

The Arlington innovation initiative is just the latest push Mason is making to build the workforce of tomorrow in Northern Virginia.

We already:

  • Produce the most computing graduates in Virginia
  • Rank best in Virginia for computer science programs by Money
  • Are an active incubator partner for businesses across Virginia
  • Lead Virginia’s statewide network of 27 Small Business Development Centers
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